FASERfix® BiG BL - top strength for maximum reliability
Drainage system of Germany’s largest airport – FRANKFURT AIRPORT

Following the use of HAURATON products for appropriate and reliable precipitation drainage at many international airports, such as London’s Heathrow Airport and Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc Airport. HAURATON drainage systems are now also being used in the renewal of the drainage system of Germany’s largest airport – Frankfurt Airport.
In 2014, the airport operator Fraport AG reported nearly 60 million passengers. With this number of passengers, Frankfurt Airport is the third largest in Europe. With the new Pier A-Plus at Terminal 1 Frankurt Airport got a new dimension in Airport Retailing. Pier A-Plus offers seven positions for wide-body aircraft: especially four for the Airbus A380.
HAURATON supplied nearly three kilometer of FASERFIX®BIG BL channels to drain the apron west in front of the new Pier A-Plus. The challenge was to adapt the channels to existing drainage connection pipes.
FASERFIX®BIG BL Top strength for maximum reliability
Aircraft operation areas such as aprons are exposed to enormous dynamic forces, which is why only very resilient materials can be used. For this reason, Fraport AG opted for FASERFIX®BIG BL channels for the renewal of the drainage system at Frankfurt Airport: the four metre long channel runs consist of steel-reinforced concrete and are extremely heavy. Each one weighs 2,148 kilograms.
These channels offer reliability and ensure efficient drainage. The ductile iron gratings can withstand to extreme loads and correspond to the highest load class F900. In addition, these gratings are KTL-coated and hence protected against corrosion. With regard to environmental protection, efficient drainage of the apron is also imperative because airport surfaces are subject to the strict regulations of the Federal Water Act (WHG).
FASERFIX®BIG BL channels have the benefit of approval under water control regulations. In order to reliably protect the groundwater from the effects of de-icing agents and kerosene, the channels must be sealed in accordance with WHG requirements. With this coating, the channels offer safe and reliable drainage.