Dallmeier - Online webinars - Short - succinct - informative - live - free of charge

Short, succinct and informative – with the Dallmeier webinars participants can carry on learning comfortably at their workstation or while travelling.

In about 30 minutes, Dallmeier provides essential information on various aspects of video security equipment and passes on handy hints for real situations. After the webinars, the Dallmeier instructors and moderators will be glad to "stay behind" and answer any other questions.

Dallmeier is offering the following webinars:

Camera Generation 5000
The 5000 camera series has been developed to respond to the demanding standards and variable lighting conditions that prevail in 24/7 video security. The combination of ultramodern sensor and encoder technology with a highly sophisticated image processing system delivers images with outstanding contrast and brilliant clarity as well as the highest possible detail resolution and colour fidelity. In this webinar, listeners will learn about the innovations offered by the 5000 series, what models there are and which camera series is most suitable for which operational task.

IR camera with unique lighting concept
Good images at night as well? The Dallmeier IR network camera makes it possible. Unlike most conventional IR box cameras, which are fitted with many small, ring-like LEDs arranged around the lens, the Dallmeier IR camera uses three large, high power LEDs. In this webinar, listeners will learn what advantages this offers for a video security project. Dallmeier will also demonstrate how easily and conveniently the focal distance, the focus and the image section can be adjusted using a web browser.

PRemote-HD: Transmitting HDTV and megapixel streams
Remote transmission of images is becoming increasingly important: Many companies have changed their practices and now dial into the branch offices or subsidiaries in question from a remote location (a control centre or head office) in order to connect to the video system and cameras. But while this may sound simple in theory, the reality is often quite different: How is it possible to transmit HD streams, in other words good images, even when only using small bandwidths?

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